London, Middlesexshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Abt 1407London, Middlesexshire, England I10306
2 Margaret  1525London, Middlesexshire, England I24741
3 ANGEVIN, Emporess Maud Matilda Queen Of England  5 Aug 1103London, Middlesexshire, England I6075
4 BEAUFORT, Anne  1445London, Middlesexshire, England I5034
5 BEAUFORT, Eleanor  1445London, Middlesexshire, England I4971
6 BEAUFORT, Elizabeth  1443London, Middlesexshire, England I5033
7 BEAUFORT, Joan  1433London, Middlesexshire, England I5035
8 BILL, Anne  1631London, Middlesexshire, England I8310
9 BILL, James  11 Sep 1613London, Middlesexshire, England I8315
10 BILL, James John  1593London, Middlesexshire, England I7131
11 BILL, John  1622London, Middlesexshire, England I8316
12 BILL, Mary  1624-1625London, Middlesexshire, England I8317
13 BILL, Phillip  1620London, Middlesexshire, England I7123
14 BILL, Thomas  1618London, Middlesexshire, England I8314
15 BOSTON, Katherine  Abt 1448London, Middlesexshire, England I10372
16 BOSTON, Thomas  Abt 1424London, Middlesexshire, England I10382
17 BRAY, John Sir  4 Aug 1534London, Middlesexshire, England I13141
18 BUCK, Isaac  London, Middlesexshire, England I24878
19 BUCK, John  19 Dec 1613London, Middlesexshire, England I24881
20 COTTON, Henry  1521London, Middlesexshire, England I24739
21 DENNY, Sir Knight Edmund  Abt 1460London, Middlesexshire, England I10384
22 ENO (ENNO), Jacques "James"  21 Aug 1625London, Middlesexshire, England I21372
23 HARRIS, Dorothy  1619London, Middlesexshire, England I5142
24 HARRIS, John Jr.  1 May 1624London, Middlesexshire, England I4997
25 HENNO (HENNOT), Jean  1575London, Middlesexshire, England I26066
26 HOPKINS, II Stephen II  28 Oct 1581London, Middlesexshire, England I3634
27 INGHAM, North  24 Jan 1685London, Middlesexshire, England I18419
28 KEY, Philip  21 Mar 1695London, Middlesexshire, England I1345
29 KIRTON, Anna  Abt 1545London, Middlesexshire, England I3411
30 KIRTON, Grissell  Abt 1537London, Middlesexshire, England I3412
31 KIRTON, Jane  Abt 1530London, Middlesexshire, England I3415
32 PLANTAGENET, Earl Edmund "Crouchback" Earl Of Leicester  16 Jan 1245London, Middlesexshire, England I28694
33 RICH, Margery  Abt 1430London, Middlesexshire, England I10383
34 RICH, Richard  Abt 1370London, Middlesexshire, England I10307
35 RICH, Richard  Abt 1400London, Middlesexshire, England I10303
36 STRANGE, Richard 7Th Baron Le Of Knockyn, Sir  1 Aug 1381London, Middlesexshire, England I14276
37 TUTTELL, Dorothy  1592London, Middlesexshire, England I7130
38 WADSWORTH, Sarah  1625-1626London, Middlesexshire, England I22690
39 WEST, Thomas  1735London, Middlesexshire, England I2736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Katheryn  Mar 1565-1566London, Middlesexshire, England I24770
2 BILL, John  3 May 1630London, Middlesexshire, England I8319
3 BILL, William  15 Jul 1561London, Middlesexshire, England I8323
4 BOLEYN, Geoffrey Lord Mayor Of London, Sir  1463London, Middlesexshire, England I13476
5 BRAY, John Sir  6 Dec 1615London, Middlesexshire, England I13141
6 BROOKE, Robert  11 Jul 1551London, Middlesexshire, England I24769
7 BRUNSWICK, Agatha Von  13 Jul 1043London, Middlesexshire, England I31
8 DOUGLAS, William "Le Hardi"  1298London, Middlesexshire, England I26393
9 ENGLAND, Edward "The Exile\Aetheling" Prince Of  1057London, Middlesexshire, England I11600
10 ENGLAND, Ethelred II "The Unready" King Of  23 Apr 1016London, Middlesexshire, England I10694
11 FITZALAN, Richard  21 Sep 1397London, Middlesexshire, England I24938
12 FOOTE, John  Abt 1634London, Middlesexshire, England I26757
13 FOOTE, Robert II  15 Feb 1608London, Middlesexshire, England I24754
14 FOOTE, Robert III  Abt 1645London, Middlesexshire, England I26759
15 PLANTAGENET, Beatrix  24 Mar 1274-1275London, Middlesexshire, England I13631
16 PORTER, James  27 Sep 1727London, Middlesexshire, England I28161
17 QUINCY, Robert De  1217London, Middlesexshire, England I608
18 SPENCER, Francis  1636London, Middlesexshire, England I26165
19 SPENCER, Richard  13 Jun 1631London, Middlesexshire, England I18502
20 VERE, Alberic II De  15 May 1141London, Middlesexshire, England I657
21 WESSEX, Edward "Atheling" Prince Of England  1057London, Middlesexshire, England I30
22 WEST, Reynold 3Rd Baron 6th Baron De La Warre  27 Aug 1450London, Middlesexshire, England I13311
23 WHETMAN (WATERMAN), Elizabeth  18 Jun 1599London, Middlesexshire, England I24759
24 WILSFORD, James Of Hartridge, Sir  Aft 1499London, Middlesexshire, England I13323

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 HANSARD, Jane  1351London, Middlesexshire, England I23775

Alt. Buried

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Buried    Person ID 
1 CORNWALLIS, John  London, Middlesexshire, England I23783


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Aug 1189London, Middlesexshire, England F13331
2 BRAY /   13 Aug 1553London, Middlesexshire, England F6665
3 BROOKE /   Abt 1540London, Middlesexshire, England F11332
4 CORNWALLIS / HANSARD  Abt 1372London, Middlesexshire, England F2811
5 HENNO (HENNOT) / JONES (JOVE)  1610London, Middlesexshire, England F11753
6 MARSHALL / DE CLARE  Aug 1189London, Middlesexshire, England F11606
7 SPENCER / MERRILL OR LYMER  9 Jun 1528London, Middlesexshire, England F9254
8 WADE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1623London, Middlesexshire, England F10717
9 WHITCOMB / STURRY  Abt 1501London, Middlesexshire, England F6492