Friendship, Knox County, Maine



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BICKMORE, Abraham  1776Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17149
2 BICKMORE, Annie  1813Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18512
3 BICKMORE, Benjamin  6 May 1778Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17006
4 BICKMORE, Charles  7 Jul 1789Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17001
5 BICKMORE, David  18 Dec 1768Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17164
6 BICKMORE, David  Abt 1796Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16998
7 BICKMORE, David  1802Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18520
8 BICKMORE, David  1817Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16488
9 BICKMORE, Dorcas  16 Feb 1793Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16999
10 BICKMORE, Elisha  18 Jun 1774Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17151
11 BICKMORE, Eliza  1812Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18516
12 BICKMORE, George  1807Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18518
13 BICKMORE, Isaac Motor  6 Jan 1798Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17162
14 BICKMORE, Jacob  1810Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18517
15 BICKMORE, Jane  1815Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18515
16 BICKMORE, Jane M.  Abt 1805Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16486
17 BICKMORE, John  25 Mar 1731Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18659
18 BICKMORE, John , Jr.  13 May 1758Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17154
19 BICKMORE, John III  16 Oct 1783Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17005
20 BICKMORE, Martha  Abt 1740Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17140
21 BICKMORE, Martha  26 Jan 1763Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17153
22 BICKMORE, Martha  1818Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18514
23 BICKMORE, Mary Jane  1785Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17000
24 BICKMORE, Mary L.  23 Apr 1816Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16497
25 BICKMORE, Nancy  1819Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16478
26 BICKMORE, Samuel  10 Jul 1772Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18463
27 BICKMORE, Samuel David  4 Feb 1806Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18519
28 BICKMORE, Sedate  3 Oct 1766Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17152
29 BICKMORE, Sedate  1800Friendship, Knox County, Maine I16997
30 BICKMORE, Solomon  9 Jun 1775Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17150
31 BICKMORE, Thankful  Abt 1738Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17141
32 BICKMORE, Thomas  Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18522
33 BICKMORE, William M  14 May 1799Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18521
34 GRAFFAM, Hulda  19 Jun 1770Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17132
35 GRAFFAM, Joseph  9 Oct 1765Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17135
36 GRAFFAM, Miriam  19 May 1768Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17133
37 GRAFFAM, Polly  27 Jul 1772Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BICKMORE, Abraham  1 Sep 1778Friendship, Knox County, Maine I17149
2 BICKMORE, George  Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18523
3 BICKMORE, George  12 Jan 1774Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18525
4 WADSWORTH, Anna  Friendship, Knox County, Maine I18462


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BICKMORE / HARVILLE  Abt 1828Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8502
2 BICKMORE / JACKSON  18 Mar 1831Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8499
3 BICKMORE / PETTINGILL  15 Jan 1835Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8501
4 BURNHAM / BICKMORE  1839Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8205
5 CRANE / BICKMORE  Jul 1764Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8488
6 GRAFFAM / BICKMORE  19 Apr 1764Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8487
7 PETTINGILL / BICKMORE  18 Dec 1828Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8496
8 ROBERTS / BICKMORE  1 May 1831Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8497
9 THOMPSON / BICKMORE  15 Jul 1841Friendship, Knox County, Maine F8195