Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEST, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1802Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11658
2 BEST, James A.  15 Feb 1798Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21610
3 BEST, Lydia  Abt 1806Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11692
4 BEST, Mary Ann  Abt 1804Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21611
5 BEST, Thomas Jr.  18 Feb 1796Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21609
6 BEST, William  21 Jan 1806Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11670
7 COWAN, David  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21958
8 COWAN, James  4 May 1725Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13258
9 COWAN, John  29 Jul 1727Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21955
10 COWAN, Joseph  24 Feb 1729Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13592
11 COWAN, Mathew  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21956
12 HINDMAN, David Ramsey  4 Jun 1831Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21732
13 HINDMAN, John  1802Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11703
14 HUMPHREY, Amy  14 Dec 1782Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11547
15 HUMPHREY, John  4 Aug 1788Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21655
16 HUMPHREY, Joseph  9 Sep 1790Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13636
17 HUMPHREY, Joshua  9 Jan 1793Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13625
18 HUMPHREY, Rebecca  1778-1781Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13614
19 HUTTON, Caleb  12 Aug 1776Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21615
20 HUTTON, Hannah  Abt 1774Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21614
21 HUTTON, Rachel  23 Aug 1778Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21616
22 JEFFERIS, Martha  8 Mar 1731Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2352
23 JEFFERIS, Mary  29 Jul 1727Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2335
24 JEFFERIS, Nathaniel  8 Jan 1733Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2358
25 JEFFERIS, Samuel  6 Oct 1736Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2368
26 JEFFERIS, William  12 May 1729Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2365
27 MARSH, James  1753Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2340
28 MARSH, Jesse  Aft 1755Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2341
29 MARSH, Lydia  1775Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2327
30 MARSH, Mary Ann  1750Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2339
31 MARSH, William  12 Mar 1725Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2334
32 MARSH, William  Abt 1746Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2338
33 NOBLITT, Agnes  Bef 1740Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21948
34 NOBLITT, Annie  Bef 1740Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21946
35 NOBLITT, Margaret  Bef 1740Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21947
36 PARKE, Arthur II  12 Sep 1736Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12536
37 PARKE, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1761Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12559
38 PARKE, Margaret  11 Dec 1764Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11914
39 RANKIN, William Dinwoody  1726Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I62
40 WALLACE, Annie  1839Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11858
41 WALLACE, Armstrong  27 May 1826Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11814
42 WALLACE, Eva Marion  13 May 1856Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11226
43 WALLACE, Helen  1833Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11847
44 WALLACE, John  24 Jul 1800Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11958
45 WALLACE, John Gardner  14 Jul 1823Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21665
46 WALLACE, John H.  8 Sep 1803Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21755
47 WALLACE, M. Amanda  1828Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11825
48 WALLACE, Margaret  22 May 1797Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11947
49 WALLACE, Mary  1824Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11803
50 WALLACE, Mary St. Claire  3 Feb 1783Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21668

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEST, Elizabeth  8 Oct 1869Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11658
2 CHANDLER, Jane  1726Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2363
3 COWAN, Hugh  13 Jan 1782Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21949
4 COWAN, James  1 Oct 1751Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13258
5 COWAN, John  15 Mar 1748Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21955
6 HOPE, Jennet  4 Apr 1814Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12547
7 HOPE, Thomas  24 Oct 1776Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13147
8 HUTTON, Joseph  1735Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21564
9 JEFFERIS, Benjamin  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2379
10 JEFFERIS, Hannah  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2367
11 JEFFERIS, Nathaniel  1777-1778Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2354
12 JEFFERIS, Samuel  28 Feb 1823Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2368
13 JEFFERIS, William  21 Sep 1778Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2365
14 KIDD, Elizabeth  15 Mar 1800Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12436
15 MATTHIAS, Ann  17 Mar 1734Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21954
16 MCELWEE, Ann  1796Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I25497
17 MCKNIGHT, Elizabeth  21 May 1794Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12670
18 MILLER, John  1714Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21578
19 MILLER, Mary  Dec 1736Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12525
20 MILLER, Susanna  1767Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21588
21 NEILD, Elizabeth Ring  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2349
22 PARKE, Arthur II  11 Jul 1822Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12536
23 PARKE, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1839Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12559
24 PARKE, John  28 Jul 1787Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12658
25 PARKE, Margaret  28 Jan 1836Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11914
26 PARKE, Robert  Nov 1797Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21941
27 RANKIN, William  Abt 1730Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I3101
28 ROSS, James  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12514
29 WALLACE, Albert Mellville  27 Dec 1877Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11559
30 WALLACE, Armstrong  1 Jul 1831Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11814
31 WALLACE, Charles  15 May 1842Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I12036
32 WALLACE, John  2 Mar 1802Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11958
33 WALLACE, John  21 Sep 1825Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11903
34 WALLACE, Margaret  22 Sep 1855Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11947
35 WALLACE, Mary St. Claire  9 Feb 1852Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21668
36 WALLACE, Tabitha  1871Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I11936
37 WALLACE, Thomas  1 Mar 1870Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I21754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CHANDLER, Jane  1726Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2363
2 EATON, Dr. David  Aug 1813Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I13714
3 JEFFERIES, Robert  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2362
4 JEFFERIS, Benjamin  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2379
5 JEFFERIS, George  1763Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2375
6 JEFFERIS, Nathaniel  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2354
7 JEFFERIS, Nathaniel  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2358
8 JEFFERIS, Samuel  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2368
9 JEFFERIS, William  Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania I2365


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / BEST  7 May 1818Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F5929
2 COWAN / SCOTT  14 May 1752Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F6953
3 DANIEL / PARKE  13 Sep 1782Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F6277
4 HINDMAN / BEST  1830Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F5893
5 HUTTON / HARRY  6 May 1741Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F10177
6 HUTTON / MILLER  1714Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F6268
7 HUTTON / TEMPLE  26 Oct 1757Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F10184
8 HUTTON / TODD  15 Nov 1750Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F10182
9 MARSH / MOORE  Abt 1770Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F1132
10 WALLACE / BEST  17 Mar 1853Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F10216
11 WALLACE / BLACK  Aft 1769Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F6071
12 WALLACE / PARKE  13 Sep 1782Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania F6033