Surry County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jean  1678Surry County, Virginia I29726
2 CLARKE, Samuel  Abt 1656Surry County, Virginia I18911
3 COOKE, John  1658Surry County, Virginia I412
4 FLAKE, Elizabeth  Surry County, Virginia I97
5 HAYES, Charles  Surry County, Virginia I18951
6 HAYES, John  Abt 1707Surry County, Virginia I93
7 HAYES, Reuben  1720Surry County, Virginia I18963
8 HAYES, Rev. Thomas  1706Surry County, Virginia I18931
9 HAYES, William  1704Surry County, Virginia I18942
10 KILLINGSWORTH, John Thomas  Abt 1692Surry County, Virginia I411
11 KILLINGSWORTH, Lucy  1687Surry County, Virginia I407
12 KILLINGSWORTH, William  Surry County, Virginia I410
13 PERSON, John  Surry County, Virginia I1584
14 RIVES (REEVES), George  1660Surry County, Virginia I26184
15 SLEDGE, John I.  1698Surry County, Virginia I18920
16 SLEDGE, Judith  1693Surry County, Virginia I18919
17 SLEDGE, Martha  Abt 1690Surry County, Virginia I95
18 SLEDGE, Rebecca  1696Surry County, Virginia I18918


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Mary Rebecca  1728Surry County, Virginia I18964
2 CLARKE, Robert  1722-1723Surry County, Virginia I18915
3 COOKE, John  20 Jun 1711Surry County, Virginia I412
4 GULLEDGE, Edward Of Bladden  Abt 1746Surry County, Virginia I397
5 JONES, Avis  6 Jun 1711Surry County, Virginia I409
6 KILLINGSWORTH, Lucy  Abt 1767Surry County, Virginia I407
7 KILLINGSWORTH, William  7 Mar 1709Surry County, Virginia I408
8 KILLINGSWORTH, William  29 Nov 1709Surry County, Virginia I410
9 SLEDGE, Charles  1721Surry County, Virginia I18965
10 THORPE, Joseph  Aft 1670Surry County, Virginia I68


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN /   1690Surry County, Virginia F14007
2 KILLINGSWORTH /   Surry County, Virginia F269
3 KILLINGSWORTH / JONES  Abt 1683Surry County, Virginia F267