Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEACH, Benjamin  3 Mar 1674Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28192
2 BEACH, Isaac  27 Jun 1669Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28139
3 BEACH, Joseph  1 Feb 1671Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28191
4 BEACH, Nathaniel  Mar 1662Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28133
5 BIRDSEYE, Able  7 Nov 1679Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28143
6 BIRDSEYE, Dinah  1688Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28148
7 BIRDSEYE, Elizabeth  Aft 13 Nov 1692Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28149
8 BIRDSEYE, Elizabeth Comfort  1 Oct 1685Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28147
9 BIRDSEYE, Hannah  5 Feb 1671Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28141
10 BIRDSEYE, Johanna (Joanna)  18 Nov 1642Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23229
11 BIRDSEYE, John Jr.  28 Mar 1641Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23243
12 BIRDSEYE, Joseph  22 Feb 1681Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28146
13 BIRDSEYE, Mary  10 Nov 1675Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28144
14 BIRDSEYE, Sarah  9 May 1678Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28145
15 GOODRICH, William  1651Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I6098
16 SHELTON, Ann  1728Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I14625
17 WILCOCKSON, Samuel  1640Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23219
18 WILCOXSON, Elizabeth  1642Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23220
19 WILCOXSON, Elizabeth  Jul 1666Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27718
20 WILCOXSON, Hannah  1644Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23221
21 WILCOXSON, Hannah  14 Feb 1665Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27716
22 WILCOXSON, Joanna  1652Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27831
23 WILCOXSON, John  Mar 1657Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27690
24 WILCOXSON, Joseph  29 Oct 1659Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27720
25 WILCOXSON, Mary  1 Apr 1668Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27719
26 WILCOXSON, Obadiah  1648Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23223
27 WILCOXSON, Patience  1 Feb 1664Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27715
28 WILCOXSON, Phoebe  31 Aug 1650Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23224
29 WILCOXSON, Sarah  1646Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23222
30 WILCOXSON, Thomas  13 Nov 1661Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27721
31 WILCOXSON, William  Feb 1659Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEACH, Isaac  30 Apr 1741Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28139
2 BEACH, John  16 Jun 1677Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28110
3 BEACH, Nathaniel  24 Jul 1747Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28133
4 BIRDSEYE, Able  14 May 1747Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28143
5 BIRDSEYE, Hannah  15 Oct 1750Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28141
6 BIRDSEYE, Johanna (Joanna)  13 Aug 1713Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23229
7 BIRDSEYE, John  4 Apr 1690Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27729
8 BIRDSEYE, John Jr.  9 Jan 1697Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23243
9 BIRDSEYE, Margaret  Jul 1655Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I20524
10 BIRDSEYE, Sarah  1 Jan 1679Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28145
11 BIRDSEYE, William  1649Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28142
12 GREGORY, Henry  14 Jun 1655Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I2763
13 GREGORY, Judah  4 Sep 1649Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I2759
14 HOPKINS, William  Abt 1643Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I3339
15 MARVIN (MERVYN), Sarah  16 Jan 1702Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I5412
16 PORTER, Nathaniel  14 Jan 1680Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28160
17 SHERWOOD, Matthew  26 Oct 1715Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I17657
18 SHERWOOD, Thomas  21 Jul 1655Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I17613
19 SMITH, Phillipa  1687Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27730
20 WILCOXSON, Hannah  10 Jul 1701Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27716
21 WILCOXSON, Johanna  15 Aug 1713Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I27731
22 WILCOXSON, John  Nov 1690Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23120
23 WILCOXSON, Phoebe  20 Sep 1743Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23224
24 WILCOXSON, Timothy  13 Jan 1713Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23218
25 WILCOXSON, William  1652Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I23122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GREGORY, Henry  Jun 1655Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I2763
2 MARVIN (MERVYN), Sarah  1702Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I5412
3 PORTER, Sarah  16 Mar 1696Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut I28153


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEACH / BIRDSEYE  3 May 1693Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F12358
2 BEACH / PORTER  29 Apr 1686Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F12355
3 JUDSON / FOOTE  1652Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F11060
4 WELLES / BEARDSLEY  1 May 1651Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F12071
5 WELLES / SHELTON  9 May 1750Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F7522
6 WILCOXSON / BIRDSEYE  28 Dec 1664Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F10748
7 WILCOXSON / SHEATHER  1658Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F8987
8 WILCOXSON / TITHERTON  1656Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut F10701