Northumberland County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALL, Joseph  25 May 1649Northumberland County, Virginia I2653
2 BLANKENSHIP, Dorothy  Abt 1736Northumberland County, Virginia I20765
3 BLANKENSHIP, Mary  Abt 1740Northumberland County, Virginia I20739
4 BLANKENSHIP, William  Abt 1715Northumberland County, Virginia I20738
5 BLANKENSHIP, William  10 Apr 1740Northumberland County, Virginia I20796
6 BUSHROD, Elizabeth  1672Northumberland County, Virginia I21252
7 CHITWOOD, Richard Sr.  1722Northumberland County, Virginia I3247
8 CONDREY, Anna Susette  23 Apr 1710Northumberland County, Virginia I20770
9 CONDREY, Caleb  Abt 1714Northumberland County, Virginia I20822
10 CONDREY, Caleb A.  12 Jun 1739Northumberland County, Virginia I20766
11 CONDREY, Charles Henry  9 Aug 1708Northumberland County, Virginia I20760
12 CONDREY, Dennis  3 Jun 1741Northumberland County, Virginia I20776
13 CONDREY, George  10 May 1743Northumberland County, Virginia I20785
14 CONDREY, John  2 May 1735Northumberland County, Virginia I20741
15 CONDREY, John A.  1760Northumberland County, Virginia I20795
16 CONDREY, John Arron  18 Jun 1672Northumberland County, Virginia I20730
17 CONDREY, John P.  29 May 1705Northumberland County, Virginia I20731
18 CONDREY, Mary Katherine  10 Jun 1670Northumberland County, Virginia I20769
19 CONDREY, Peter H.  23 Aug 1668Northumberland County, Virginia I20758
20 CONDREY, Rachel  Abt 1715Northumberland County, Virginia I20823
21 CONDREY, Rachelle M.  23 Apr 1740Northumberland County, Virginia I20767
22 CONDREY, Richard C.  4 May 1666Northumberland County, Virginia I20759
23 CONDREY, Tammy E.  23 Jul 1665Northumberland County, Virginia I20715
24 CONDREY, William D.  10 May 1712Northumberland County, Virginia I20821
25 CONDREY, William Daniel  16 Feb 1736Northumberland County, Virginia I20764
26 HAYNES, Suzannah  Abt 1685Northumberland County, Virginia I20745
27 HEATH, Catherine  Abt 1718Northumberland County, Virginia I20761
28 KEY, Mary  12 Jan 1694Northumberland County, Virginia I3302
29 ROBLEY, Sarah Louise  Abt 1676Northumberland County, Virginia I20744
30 TULLOS, John  12 Jun 1682Northumberland County, Virginia I14339
31 TULLOS, Richard  1 Jan 1701Northumberland County, Virginia I14365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CONDREY, John Arron  Abt 1746Northumberland County, Virginia I20730
2 HAYNES, Suzannah  Abt 1728Northumberland County, Virginia I20745
3 ROBLEY, Sarah Louise  Abt 1703Northumberland County, Virginia I20744
4 TULLOS, Richard  1771Northumberland County, Virginia I14365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CONDREY, John Arron  Northumberland County, Virginia I20730
2 HAYNES, Suzannah  Northumberland County, Virginia I20745


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHITWOOD / KEY  1711Northumberland County, Virginia F1568