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Jim is currently participating in the Carney DNA research project and has undertaken the 37 Y Chromosome marker test in 2005.   To follow the published data for this research project please go to for more information, which will be updated by "The MS Carney Girls".  Jim's Y Chromosome test results to see if you are closely matched follow:

Locus DYS385a DYS385b DYS388 DYS389I DYS389II DYS390 DYS391 DYS392 DYS393
Allele Value 11 14 12 13 29 24 11 13 13
Locus DYS19 DYS426 DYS438 DYS439 DYS437 DYS447 DYS454 DYS455 DYS460
Allele Value 14 12 12 13 15 25 11 11 11
Allele Value 12 11 10 19 23 13 23 12 13
Locus DYS442 DYS444 DYS445 DYS446 DYS448 DYS449 DYS452 DYS456 DYS458
Allele Value 12 12 12 13 19 32 11 16 16
Locus DYS459a DYS459b DYS463 DYS464a DYS464b DYS464c DYS464d    Haplogroup
Allele Value 9 10 22 14 15 16 17    R1b

What does this male marker DNA tell us? A brief summary - Jims male lineage is related to such non-family surnames as: Adams, Cogan, Cohen, Casey, Copher, Cooper, Goggin, Harris, Jones, Koons, Sizemore, Smith, and Townsend in addition to the Carney/Kearney ancestry.  Many of Jims male line lineage is lost because of roadblocks in our research.  The highest frequency of this lineage occurs in Connaught, Ireland, but going further back, these DNA mutations point to an ancestor who lived in Ireland approximately 1000 years ago, with a Portuguese and Iberian origin some 500 years earlier in the 5th Century.  If you have a match in your DNA to mine, I would love to exchange more information with you.  If you are new to DNA research and want to learn more about it, you might like to see: 

To date, I have matched my lineage with identical DNA results to persons in many states/countries I was not even aware of previously, with the implication we are directly related within the past 5 generations with the same G.G.G.Grandfather. These matches are coded in the International DNA Database, and the matching codes are MMFTQ, VNRR5, W8RGB, UNRR5, GHXPA and X8PXZ.  My Y Search ID is QPZUM.  Many more are related by one marker off - which implies direct lineage over 5 generations distant.

I am especially interested in participants willing to undertake DNA samples from the male lineage Carney line located in Ireland, in particular those located in or with links to County Donegal in Northwestern Ireland.  I am very interested in Carney families whose ancestry traces back to the Barony and Civil Parishes of Banagh and Tirhugh as well as Inishowen East, Kilmachrenan, Inishowen West and Raphoe South.  Many of the County Mayo Carney lines originated in the above areas also and I'm certain there are kin in both regions.

Extensive research on the ground in County Mayo, County Donegal and others, has led me to believe that the related Carney ancestors that are located in County Mayo are descendants of the Carney/Kearney ancestors originating in the County Donegal area.  The first immigration of the Carney line in my DNA sequence would have occurred prior to when the majority of County Mayo Carneys arrived in their County.  These ancestors arriving in County Mayo and first recorded in the Strafford Inquisition of County Mayo, held in 1655, were primarily tenants and not land owners of any substance.  First arrival for our relatives is presumed to be in the period from 1650 to 1740 by unknown ports, and for unknown reasons.  It is a possibility that the 1690-1708 laws limiting the land ownership for Roman Catholics may have played a part in their leaving, as the Carneys who were Roman Catholic could not pass on their land holdings to their children.  To avoid confiscation, many made a deal with friends to assume ownership for a cash out deal and the more well endowed were able to buy passage elsewhere since land ownership was now not possible.


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