Located on Bunya Highway at the foot of the Bunya Mountains, welcome to Summit Orchard.  Property operated by Avocado Ridge for Summit Unit Trust

On the farm at Summit Orchard


Summit Orchard is located on Bunya Highway in Kumbia, on deep red volcanic soil.  This farm has been farmed since the early 1900's and had been in the Schmocker family for nearly a century.  The property was a dairy in the early years and later transformed into peanut, wheat and corn cropping.  The property has a natural spring providing good clean water for the 7800 avocado trees planted as well as several bores and dams.  

Ashley Perkins - Manager                                   Shed and holding dam

     View from Wattlegrove Road                                                               

Teleph: 07 4126-1174 

jim at avocadoridge.com 

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Managed by:

AvoRidge Pty Ltd
Jim and Lois Carney
35 Morrisons Road
Childers, Queensland  4660

CURRENT NOTICES: Picking and Packing season completed... May 2016 next pick - Thanks.

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Operated by AvoRidge Pty Ltd for Summit Unit Trust