Ten Bin Hero

Avocado Ridge

Avocado Ridge
Jim and Lois Carney

Childers Avocado Plantation

35 Morrisons Road


Queensland, Australia

This page is dedicated to our TEN BIN HERO - Max Dellai
Our Cherry Picker operator who consistantly picks 8 bins of avocados per day, and this year (his 2nd year) he picked a new farm record of 10 bins in a normal 8 hour workday! 
(A field bin is 400 kg of fruit each or, approximately 72 standard 5.5 kg trays when packed.)


Picture below - Max picking standard Hass avocado trees on our farm


...Following picture is Max on Tuesday 22 May 2012 when he picked his 10 Bin Day!


...Following picture - heading back to bin trailer with load of avocados


Max says hello!

Max prefers the Squirrel 6 metre cherry picker, and keeps it in constant motion...


Max empties the last bag of 10th bin to set a new record at Avocado Ridge!

Max 10th Bin

Congratulations Massimiliano "Max" Dellai !
We wish you our best in your endeavours when you return to Italy in July!
"The Max" will now be the name of your cherry picker - may someone else, someday, live up the new standard you have now set!