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Eric and Abby

Eric and Abby Carney

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Jim and Lois Carney
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Welcome to Avocado Ridge and the Carney Family 
Who are we?

Jim and Lois Carney have been growing avocados in Australia for some 30 years.  Recently, the 7 orchards in Queensland were sold to Costa Farms operating as North Fresh Pty Ltd, trading as Costa Avocados. Jim and Lois continue as agribusiness consultants for Costa, and operate their one remaining orchard in New South Wales - Green Pigeon Avocados.  The Queensland orchards are now managed by Eric Carney - Regional Avocado Operations Manager Central Queensland. 
For more information see http://costagroup.com.au/ web page. Starting work here?  Click here for Avocado Pickers Guide training video.
 Who is Costa?  Costa has been a major force in agriculture for many decades, and are the largest grower of Citrus, Mushrooms, and Blueberries in Australia, and also grow other crops such as tomatoes, bananas and more, across dozens of farms.  Avocados are a large component of their business, and are expanding their direct farm supply as they have in the other segments to complement their other pillars.  

 Some of our Orchard Locations and Names
 Avocado Ridge HillCrest Summit  

 GroveHill EastRidge MacaGrove 

 PrimeOrchards SuperPak

Eric and Abby Carney
35 Morrisons Road
Childers, Queensland  4660

Teleph: 0403 917 769

email:  eric*at*avocadoridge.com
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Our Farm Training Video - Avocado Pickers Guide


CURRENT NOTICES: Employment is now full, all positions filled.  No jobs until March 2018. AvoRidge Pty Ltd

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