Cheatham County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WALKER, Nancy Elizebeth  Abt 1856Cheatham County, Tennessee I20182
2 WALKER, Nancy Elizabeth  Abt 1856Cheatham County, Tennessee I20178
3 SIMMONS, Cora Myrtle  23 Sep 1879Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761361
4 SIMMONS, A. Ella  Jun 1854Cheatham County, Tennessee I107
5 MAYO, J. Earnest  6 Feb 1892Cheatham County, Tennessee I1031
6 HUNT, William J. Carney  Abt 1856Cheatham County, Tennessee I20181
7 GREEN, Thomas C  29 Sep 1894Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761309
8 GREEN, John  6 Jun 1897Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761311
9 GREEN, Annie  Dec 1895Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761310
10 CARNEY, Virginia  1863Cheatham County, Tennessee I1465
11 CARNEY, Sallie  Abt 1870Cheatham County, Tennessee I20368
12 CARNEY, Ruth C.  Jun 1892Cheatham County, Tennessee I20355
13 CARNEY, Mary Lula  Dec 1894Cheatham County, Tennessee I20356
14 CARNEY, Lizzie  Abt 1865Cheatham County, Tennessee I20365
15 CARNEY, L. A.  1861Cheatham County, Tennessee I1463
16 CARNEY, Jesse C.  26 Mar 1889Cheatham County, Tennessee I19456
17 CARNEY, Isaac Wilson  2 Aug 1856Cheatham County, Tennessee I20363
18 CARNEY, Ham  Abt 1908Cheatham County, Tennessee I20362
19 CARNEY, George W.  Nov 1850Cheatham County, Tennessee I19443
20 CARNEY, General Jackson  7 Dec 1858Cheatham County, Tennessee I20364
21 CARNEY, Forest  Abt 1907Cheatham County, Tennessee I20361
22 CARNEY, Floyd  Abt 1903Cheatham County, Tennessee I20360
23 CARNEY, Emi P.  Aug 1896Cheatham County, Tennessee I20357
24 CARNEY, Eliza  Abt 1868Cheatham County, Tennessee I20367
25 CARNEY, Eddy  1865Cheatham County, Tennessee I1467
26 CARNEY, Charles  3 Jan 1892Cheatham County, Tennessee I57
27 CARNEY, Benjamin Franklin "Binerm"  Aug 1874Cheatham County, Tennessee I20370
28 CARNEY, Amasa H.  1868Cheatham County, Tennessee I1469
29 CARNEY, Albert W.  Abt 1865Cheatham County, Tennessee I20366
30 BINKLEY, Tazwell M.  Abt 8 Feb 1848Cheatham County, Tennessee I1073
31 BINKLEY, Hiram Henry  Abt 1811Cheatham County, Tennessee I1067
32 BINKLEY, Hardy Campbell  9 Mar 1932Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761364
33 BINKLEY, Carrol Franklin  9 Jun 1844Cheatham County, Tennessee I1071
34 BINKLEY, Andrew F.  14 Feb 1875Cheatham County, Tennessee I1082
35 Ethel  Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 STEWART, Edward L.  Abt 1857Cheatham County, Tennessee I9557
2 SIMPKINS, Mahala  5 Apri 1890Cheatham County, Tennessee I27936
3 MAYO, Jacob Dillard  1862Cheatham County, Tennessee I1044
4 MAYO, J. Earnest  25 Apr 1977Cheatham County, Tennessee I1031
5 MAYO, Andrew Jackson  18 Feb 1917Cheatham County, Tennessee I15558
6 HUNT, William J. Carney  1890Cheatham County, Tennessee I20181
7 HUNT, George Washington  16 Jul 1890Cheatham County, Tennessee I1500
8 GREEN, Thomas C  27 Aug 1968Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761309
9 GREEN, Jonathan Jack  25 Nov 1925Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761308
10 GREEN, John  6 Apr 1959Cheatham County, Tennessee I594761311
11 FREEMAN, Mary Jane  Jan 1922Cheatham County, Tennessee I1493
12 CARPENTER, Anna "Anny"  9 Jan 1828Cheatham County, Tennessee I11225
13 CARNEY, Mary Elizabeth  19 Oct 1901Cheatham County, Tennessee I1652
14 CARNEY, Martha "Patsy" Elizabeth  20 May 1914Cheatham County, Tennessee I1951
15 CARNEY, Marilla E.  1922Cheatham County, Tennessee I10446
16 CARNEY, Joshua "Poke"  1885Cheatham County, Tennessee I10224
17 CARNEY, Jesse Thomas  22 Sep 1867Cheatham County, Tennessee I9668
18 CARNEY, Henry Jesse  22 Mar 1911Cheatham County, Tennessee I10335
19 CARNEY, George W.  Abt 1909Cheatham County, Tennessee I19443
20 CARNEY, Ennis Braxton  28 Jan 1879Cheatham County, Tennessee I22629
21 BINKLEY, Heinrich "Henry"  28 Jan 1859Cheatham County, Tennessee I11336
22 BINKLEY, Eliza A.  8 Jul 1927Cheatham County, Tennessee I27284
23 BINKLEY, Carrol Franklin  17 Aug 1928Cheatham County, Tennessee I1071
24 BINKLEY, Andrew F.  24 Nov 1910Cheatham County, Tennessee I1082


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 YOUNG / CARNEY  30 Sep 1864Cheatham County, Tennessee F780
2 OGLE /   24 Nov 1886Cheatham County, Tennessee F2695
3 GENT / SPEIGHT  11 Nov 1860Cheatham County, Tennessee F970
4 GARLAND / HAMBRICK  30 Dec 1875Cheatham County, Tennessee F3458
5 FREY / CARNEY  25 Dec 1892Cheatham County, Tennessee F12387
6 FRENSLEY / DAVIS  28 Jul 1875Cheatham County, Tennessee F10472
7 FRENSLEY / CARNEY  7 Feb 1873Cheatham County, Tennessee F12460
8 FELTS / CARNEY  Cheatham County, Tennessee F791
9 CARNEY / STEWART  25 Nov 1869Cheatham County, Tennessee F4475
10 CARNEY / MOORE  10 Feb 1858Cheatham County, Tennessee F771
11 CARNEY / LENOX  20 Nov 1860Cheatham County, Tennessee F795
12 CARNEY / HARPER  29 Jun 1859Cheatham County, Tennessee F788
13 CARNEY / FELTS  1 Feb 1865Cheatham County, Tennessee F10485
14 CARNEY / DANIEL  4 Jul 1888Cheatham County, Tennessee F9347
15 CARNEY /   1899Cheatham County, Tennessee F9348
16 BINKLEY / MORRIS  6 Apr 1836Cheatham County, Tennessee F625
17 BINKLEY / CARNEY  16 Dec 1858Cheatham County, Tennessee F11996