Charles County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRISCOE, Ann  Abt 1680Charles County, Maryland I10092
2 BRISCOE, Col. Phillip Dr  Abt 1647Charles County, Maryland I10072
3 BRISCOE, Edward  Abt 1677Charles County, Maryland I10087
4 BRISCOE, George  Abt 1676Charles County, Maryland I10088
5 BRISCOE, (Capt.) James  Abt 1678Charles County, Maryland I10064
6 BRISCOE, John Capt.  Abt 1675Charles County, Maryland I10085
7 BRISCOE, Judith Aschom  Abt 1675Charles County, Maryland I10090
8 BRISCOE, Phillip Jr  Abt 1679Charles County, Maryland I10086
9 BRISCOE, Sara Leonard  Abt 1666Charles County, Maryland I10084
10 BRISCOE, Sussanna  Abt 1677Charles County, Maryland I10066
11 CALVERT, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1664Charles County, Maryland I29629
12 CLARKE, Thomas  Abt 1660Charles County, Maryland I10103
13 COMPTON, Eleanor  1 Dec 1711Charles County, Maryland I10053
14 COMPTON, Elender Eleanor  Abt 1675Charles County, Maryland I10046
15 COMPTON, Gerald  1673Charles County, Maryland I10105
16 COMPTON, James  Abt 1677Charles County, Maryland I10106
17 COMPTON, John  1667Charles County, Maryland I10065
18 COMPTON, John  9 Nov 1702Charles County, Maryland I10051
19 COMPTON, Matthew  17 Jun 1671Charles County, Maryland I10063
20 COMPTON, Matthew II  26 Jun 1709Charles County, Maryland I10068
21 COMPTON, Philip  5 Jan 1705Charles County, Maryland I10052
22 COMPTON, Ralph  Abt 1679Charles County, Maryland I10107
23 COMPTON, Samuel  1669Charles County, Maryland I10044
24 COMPTON, Samuel  19 May 1716Charles County, Maryland I10054
25 COMPTON, Sarah  24 Mar 1714Charles County, Maryland I10048
26 COMPTON, Susanna  6 Feb 1707Charles County, Maryland I10045
27 COMPTON, Zachariah  1712Charles County, Maryland I10043
28 DENT, Elizabeth  1785Charles County, Maryland I19031
29 DENT, Hatch  1707Charles County, Maryland I19043
30 DENT, Hatch  16 Feb 1751Charles County, Maryland I19035
31 DENT, John  1705Charles County, Maryland I19046
32 DENT, John  1739Charles County, Maryland I19040
33 DENT, John  1789Charles County, Maryland I19030
34 DENT, Llewellyn Marshall  25 Oct 1803Charles County, Maryland I19029
35 DENT, Mary Emeline  16 Apr 1808Charles County, Maryland I19022
36 DENT, Michael  1712Charles County, Maryland I19042
37 DENT, Peter  1718Charles County, Maryland I19049
38 DENT, Sarah  1 Mar 1763Charles County, Maryland I19034
39 DENT, Sophia  1787Charles County, Maryland I19028
40 DENT, Stouten Warren  15 Jan 1806Charles County, Maryland I19023
41 DENT, Susan  1797Charles County, Maryland I19024
42 DENT, Tabitha  1742Charles County, Maryland I19039
43 DENT, Theodore  1791Charles County, Maryland I19027
44 DENT, Thomas  1715Charles County, Maryland I19045
45 DENT, Uriah Hatch  1795Charles County, Maryland I19026
46 JOHNSTON, George Johnson  Abt 1720Charles County, Maryland I20589
47 LUCKETT, Ann Price  Abt 1715Charles County, Maryland I29512
48 SWANN, Samuel  Abt 1642Charles County, Maryland I10037


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRISCOE, Col. Phillip Dr  29 Jan 1724Charles County, Maryland I10072
2 BRISCOE, George  Bef 1724Charles County, Maryland I10088
3 BRISCOE, Sussanna  11 Feb 1739Charles County, Maryland I10066
4 BROOKE, Eleanor  1740Charles County, Maryland I30042
5 CLARKE, Thomas  Aft 1739Charles County, Maryland I10103
6 COMPTON, John  1713-1714Charles County, Maryland I10065
7 COMPTON, John F.  1718Charles County, Maryland I10062
8 COMPTON, Matthew  9 Aug 1747Charles County, Maryland I10063
9 DENT, Hatch  1781Charles County, Maryland I19043
10 DENT, Hatch  10 Jan 1816Charles County, Maryland I19035
11 DENT, John  1732Charles County, Maryland I19000
12 DENT, John  21 Aug 1791Charles County, Maryland I19046
13 DENT, John  1799Charles County, Maryland I19040
14 DENT, John  1829Charles County, Maryland I19030
15 DENT, Mary Emeline  Dec 1827Charles County, Maryland I19022
16 DENT, Michael  1795Charles County, Maryland I19042
17 DENT, Sophia  1841Charles County, Maryland I19028
18 DENT, Thomas  1789Charles County, Maryland I19045
19 HARDY, (Capt.) Henry  Abt 1713Charles County, Maryland I10056
20 HOWARD, Rachel  23 May 1789Charles County, Maryland I9985
21 LUCKETT, Ann Price  1750Charles County, Maryland I29512
22 SWANN, Susannah  25 Apr 1724Charles County, Maryland I10082


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / COMPTON  Abt 1735Charles County, Maryland F5003
2 / COMPTON  1741Charles County, Maryland F5004
3 ADERTON / LUCKETT  4 Oct 1738Charles County, Maryland F13841
4 ADERTON / NEALE  10 Apr 1702Charles County, Maryland F13830
5 BRISCOE / WILLIAMSON  Abt 1710Charles County, Maryland F5025
6 CLARKE /   Abt 1690Charles County, Maryland F5035
7 DENT /   1760Charles County, Maryland F9192
8 DENT /   5 Jun 1831Charles County, Maryland F9186
9 HARDY / COMPTON  21 Aug 1694Charles County, Maryland F5002
10 ROBEY / OWENS  1733Charles County, Maryland F14116