John CARNEY[1]

Male 1775 - Abt 1855  (80 years)

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  • Name John CARNEY  [2
    Born 1775  Indian Territory Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    Gender Male 
    Died Abt Jan 1855  Marion County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
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    Father Iklannabee (Ikenaby, Iklanby) John CARNEY,   b. Abt 1758, East Choctaw Indian Territory Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1855, Choctaw Indian Territory, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 97 years) 
    Mother Sally Ann KEARNEY (CARNEY),   b. Abt 1758, Ireland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married Abt 1775  Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Unk,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. Mary "Pollie" CARNEY,   b. 1791, North Carolina Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1860  (Age 69 years)
     2. Nancy CARNEY,   b. 18 Dec 1792, North Carolina Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 4 Oct 1868, Smith County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 75 years)
     3. John "Jack" CARNEY,   b. 1795, NC Or Tennessee (Borders Moved 1790) Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1865, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 70 years)
     4. Martha CARNEY,   b. 11 Jan 1802, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location
     5. Elijah CARNEY,   b. 1803, Davidson County, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 25 Jan 1860, Lawrence County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 57 years)
     6. Sarah "Sallie" CARNEY,   b. 16 Apr 1808, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 22 Aug 1868, Lawrence County, Mississippi Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 60 years)
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  • Notes 
    • John Carney, who was 1/4 Choctaw Indian, was born in Choctaw Indian Territory in 1775, as evidenced by Censuses of himself and his children. John was the son of Iklannabee, a half-blood Choctaw Indian Chief and Sally Ann Kearney, a white woman. Growing up, his family resided in Choctaw lands in eastern Mississippi. John Carney was a man of moderate wealth and influence, and while darker than many, could have passed for a white with full privileges. Through various times in his life, John held slaves to assist in his farming/plantation enterprises.

      His Mississippi family was related to the Tennessee Carney's through their common heritage with his grandfather Arthur Carney, an Indian Trader, and who had at least two families concurrently. One with a white woman and one with an Indian Chief daughter (Princess), as was the custom at the time in establishing trade relations with the Choctaws. DNA testing of several Carney Family volunteers has confirmed the Mississippi John Carney (B: 1775) line is related through an exact match with 37 markers to the Tennessee John Carney (B: 1748) line.

      Some years after the American Revolution, John reached the age of maturity and took a wife. He may have wanted to integrate into American white society and left his Indian lands in Mississippi as a young man, moving to be near his uncle John Carney (B:1748) in time for his first child to be born in 1791 at the age of 16 or 17. We do not know who his wife was, but she is apparently a white girl as evidenced by the diminishing note of Indian heritage. John stayed in Tennessee for around 25 years (during years of turmoil in Mississippi), as several of his children were born in North Carolina and in particular the well documented Elijah Carney, born in Davidson County, Tennessee in 1803. This is further supported by an 1816 Tennessee Court Case, where the State of Tennessee had brought a law suit against John Kerney Sr., John Kerney Jr., and Elijah Kerney over a land dispute. What is important in the filing of the lawsuit is that there are two John Carney's. With the elder John 30 years older than his nephew, it would stand to reason they defined these relations as John Senior and John Junior, from Mississippi origin.

      Further to this, we find that one of John Jr.'s children, Nancy Carney - who in 1808 married Bartholomew Baugh in Tennessee, had as a witness to their marriage; John Blackburn - who was the husband of Lucy Carney (John Sr. daughter). You might also notice that the children of John from Mississippi also used many of the familiar family first names bore by the Tennessee Carneys families. All this evidence ties the two family lines of John from Mississippi together irrevocably with the John from Tennessee as close family.

      We don't know when John left for Tennessee - as a youth if he was sent there with his father Iklannabee, or as a young man. A possible reason for the relocation to North Carolina/Tennessee from Mississippi was the aborted uprising against Spanish Control in 1781 and when the insurgency was crushed, several inhabitants of Natchez district and surrounds who had taken part or even sympathetic, took refuge in NC/TN. Also, at the end of the American Revolution in 1783, a great migration of persons loyal to one side or another were transitory to different lands. This is the time his grandfather Arthur Carney, was banished from Georgia as an English Loyalist and arrived in east Florida (Mississippi) from Georgia. Many, such as Trader John Turnbull (leader of Spanish revolt) and our John Carney returned later after the Spanish-American war of 1812 ended in 1814, perhaps arriving back in Mississippi in 1817.

      William and Arthur Carney being Indian Traders were found trading in these areas from 1783 onwards, in towns such as St. Augustine, Pensacola, Mobile, Chickasaw Bluffs, New Orleans Fernandina, Bon Secour, etc. Other traders of note were Turner Brashear, Lachlan and John McGillivray, John Turnbull, and others. Turnbull has a close family relationship with the Carneys as seem to be locally the Brashears (Brassiers) and the Leflore's

      A few years after Sarah "Sallie" was born in Tennessee, John took his family back to Mississippi arriving by 1817 with daughters Martha, Elijah and Sarah "Sallie". Mary and Nancy were married in Tennessee and John "Jack" Carney took a Tennessee bride, but at some point all the children moved to Mississippi also.

      Some Census/Rolls:
      John Carney on 1817 Tax Roll, Lawrence County MS (believed to be John B: 1775)
      John Carney, Jr. on 1817 Tax Roll, Lawrence County MS (believed to by son John B: 1795)

      Mississippi State Census Lawrence Co, 1818:
      John Carney, Sen. -1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, 1 female over 21, & 2 females under 21. -with 2 slaves

      Marion Co, MS -1820:
      John Carney Sr. (over 45) is in Marion Co,. with a wife (over 45), son-Elijah & 2 daughters-Martha & Sarah.

      Marion Co, MS 1830 Census:
      John Carney, Senr. - 1male (60-70) and 1female (50-60) - 3 slaves
      John Carney, Jr. on Marion Co, MS Census 1830
      Elijah Carney on Marion Co, MS Census 1830

      1840 Marion Co, MS Census:
      1840, Marion County, John, Sr is between 60 & 70 years old.
      Elijah Carney on Marion Co, MS Census 1840

      Found in 1850 (age 70) Census of Marion Co, MS.
      Census data: 1850 Marion in the House next to Elijah and family-
      28 128 128 Curney John 70 M Farming
      Birth: Unknown
      29 129 129 Curney E. (Elijah) 44 M Miller
      Te X
      30 129 129 Curney M. (Mahalia) 47 F
      31 129 129 Curney P. (Polly) 15 F
      32 129 129 Curney T. (Thankful)12 F
      Mis X
      33 129 129 Curney S. (Simeon) 10 M
      Mis X
      34 129 129 Curney J. (Jane) 8 F
      Census Notes; Children went by middle name. John didn't know his exact place of birth, another indicator of Indian blood birth in Choctaw Indian Territory (Mississippi and east Alabama primarily). Note documentation of birth places, a family history gold mine.

      Excerpt from 16 Aug 1932 text written by W.B. Russell age 82:
      "Moses Rials, born May 11, 1804, died on his 86th birthday, May 11, 1890. Moses Rials married Sallie Carney, daughter of John Carney, son of Ikenably, an Indian Chief. John Carney's mother was American.
      Grandma Sallie Carney had a sister, Pollie, whose posterity dead. She married a Green. I remember visiting her. She lived on what is now known as the Pollie Green place, half a mile southeast of where Uncle John Rials and wife are buried (old Bismark Church). One daughter of John Carney married a Baugh, posterity lives in the counties of Smith, Simpson and Hines."

      Other researchers have attached unproven/improbable wives to John. His wife can't be Ann Lucas, because children of Ann Lucas were born in South Carolina, and documentation is clear marriage was too late, and Ann too young, to have had John's children. Sometimes son John's wife Mary Ann Simmons is confused with his dad and of course is incorrect. At the moment, we do not know for certain whom his wife was.

      John Carney died before March 21, 1855, (probably around January 1855) when his heirs were found in Marion County Court, making an agreement on the settlement of his estate. His 6 children signed (some with an X) the settlement. In later years, John lived next door to his son Elijah, who was also appointed the executor of his estate.

      Marion County Land Deeds Vol C pd 741 3-21-1855
      An agreement of The Heirs
      John Carney decd
      This agreement between Elijah Carney, John Carney, Mary Green, Martha Tullis, Sarah Ryalls, and Moses Ryalls her husband, Nancy Baw and Berthy Baugh her husband, the said Elijah John, Mary, Martha, Sarah, and Nancy ,- - - distributed and heirs of law of John Carney late of Marion County, Mississippi
      Witnesseth, That for the purpose of making a speedy and communal division of the estate of said deceased, both real and personal of the property Agree to and with each other as follows: The Slaves belonging to said estate be divided among said distributed in kind, and we hereby agree that Berry -*-- Craft and Nathaniel M Ross may be the commissioners to make such a -*-- and the division to be made by them Shall be binding on all parties. Any in the Value of the Several Slaves (on all parties) Crossed thru ) of the slaves?, Shall be made good by parties out of the money or other property of Said Estate. As soon as the division made by Said Commissioners, which is expected will be in a few days, the dis-*-- muturally to execute to each other proper releases to pass their interest in said accuracy to the division; The real estate, and the balance of the personal estate Sold at public venue on a credit until the first of January next and for -*-- of making such sale the said Elijah Carney is to act as agent and trustee for the - *-- With the privilege of becoming a purchaser at the Sales if he chooses to do so, to take place in a few days, and the purchasers are all to give notes worthy for their purchases. Said Elijah Carney is to receive for the duties of such trustee Such Compensation as the commissioners, above name Shall Say, is right for of the Sales of the real and personal estate are to be applied to the payment of Expences, and distributed in the same mannor as if Said estate had been and according to law: All the heirs are to write in a deed of conveyance to the real estate, The cotton belonging to said estate may be sold at public Sale by the said Elijah Carney for himself agrees that he will faithfully perform the Such trust and agency, and he is to give Security for the Same.
      Witness our hands and Seals This 21st day of March A. D. 1855
      Elijah Carney [signed]
      John X his mark Carney
      Mary X her mark Green
      Martha X her mark Tullis
      Sarah X her Mark Ryalls
      Moses X Ryalls
      Nancy X Baw
      Barthlamew Baugh [signed]
      For value Received I hereby covenant and agree to and with the parties name instrument, that Elijah Carney trustee and agent therein named Shall and perform the duties of such trust and agency and made and render a Just account
      Witness my hand and Seal This 21th day of March 1855
      Elijah Carney [signed]
      Filed 7th April 1855
      Jno H Webb Clerk
      Duly Recorded 7th April AD 1855
      Jno H Webb Clerk

      Other Documentation:
      (1)From Mississippi Territorial tax records - Lawrence Co,:
      TAX 1818: JOHN CARNEY, Lawrence Co,, MS: 160 acres, class 4, quality 2,
      Location: Falling Creek, held under U.S. title, 1 pole, - State Tax $1.15, County: Tax - $1.31

      1818: After tax list for 1818 there appears another list for:
      "The Amount of Taxes Assessed and Not Liable to be Collected the Present Year." The statement is as follows: John Carney, Sr., overcharged in white pole State: $3.83, County $2.75.
      TAX 1818: John Carney, Jr.: on Falling Creek, 1 Poll, tax - $0.83
      (This provides evidence of a John Carney Sr. and Jr. in same Tax Roll)

      (2)1819: LAWRENCE COUNTY, MS TAX LIST: JOHN CARNEY: on Pearl River - West, 1 poll $1.00.
      1819: LAWRENCE COUNTY, MS TAX LIST: Barthemew Baw -Monticello, 1 poll- $1.00

      COMMENT: Between 1820 and 1828- John Carney (the son) seems to be listed in Lawrence County and the rest of the family is in Marion County. This is not hard to understand if you know the area and the history of the changes in the county lines. Part of present day Lawrence County was in Marion and part of present day Marion was in Lawrence. The Pike county line has changed also. This might account for the fact that Elijah Carney was in Marion County in the 1830 census and in Pike County in 1840 census, then in Marion County in 1850.

      (3)1828 to 1831, MARION Co,, MS TAX LIST: John Carney Sr, John Carney Jr, Elijah Carney, Silas Tullis, Barthomew Baw.
      COMMENT: William Carney was in Marion county in 1828, but is not there in 1829. This could have been one of the Tennessee cousins who came to Mississippi but decided to go back or go west.

      (4) 1840 Marion Co, MS Census:
      John Carney Senr - 1 male (60-70) & 1female (50-60)
      Elijah Carney - 1 m (20-30) & 1 f (20-30), 3 f (0-5)
      John Carney Junr -1m (30-40), 1m (10-15), 1m (5-10), 2m (0-5), & 1f (20-30), 1f (10-15), 1f (5-10)
      Silus Tullis - 1m(30-40), 2m(5-10) & 1f(20-30), 2f(0-5)
      Bartholomew Baugh - 1m (40-50), 1m (10-15), 2m (0-5) & 1f (30-40), 2 (5-10), 1(0-5)

      COMMENT: 1840 Marion Co, MS Census: We found John Carney, between 60 & 70 years old, Silus Tillus & Moses Rials. Elijah Carney was in Pike County and Bartholomew Baugh was in Simpson County. John Jr was not in Lawrence, Marion, Pike, Simpson, Smith or any of the surrounding counties. (John, Jr. was in Lauderdale Co)

      1. Patent # 4890: Sept 28, 1836, John Carney, Senior, of Marion Co,, MS purchased the W ,SE 1/4, Sec 27, TWP 5, Range 11E, containing 80 acres, at the rate of $1.25 acres amounting to $100 for which the said John Carney, Senior has made payment in full, as required by Law: signed -
      John Carney Sr by Silos Tullos.
      2. Patent # 4947: Oct 5, 1836, JOHN CARNEY, Senior, of Marion Co,, MS purchased the E , SW 1/4, Sec 27, TWP 5, Range 11E, containing 80 acres, at the rate of $1.25 per acre, amounting to $100. This was signed: John Carney Sr by Peter Q. Bridges.
      3. Patent # 5071: Oct 22, 1836, John Carney, Junr. of Marion Co,, MS
      purchased the NW 1/4, NW 1/4, Sec 21, TWP 5, Range 12E, containing 39.97
      acres, at the rate of $1.25 per acre, amounting to $49.96. This was signed: John [X] Carney, Junr.
      4. Patent # 5710: January 17, 1837, John Carney Senr of Marion County purchased the NW quarter, SW quarter, Sec 34 and the SE quarter of SE quarter of Sec 28, TWP 5, Range 11E, containing 80 acres at $1.25 per acre, amounting to $100. This one is signed John (X) Carney Senr.
      5. On 30 Dec 1836, John Carney Senr gave a deposition in Lawrence County before J. Caldwell, Clk that he was buying this land for his own personal use and not in trust for another.

      COMMENT: All of this land is near present day Lawrence & Marion Co, line. By looking at the map I found that T5N, R11E, - S27, 28 & 34, are SW of Tilton near Tiltons Creek. T5N R12E S16 is where Tiltons Creek empties into Pearl River SE of Tilton. Note Patent #5071: John Jr purchased land in T5N R12E S21 - just over the line in Marion Co, south of S16 (Harmon's land) in Lawrence Co.

      Other Comments: Wife can't be Ann Lucas, because children of Ann Lucas were born in South Carolina, and documentation is clear marriage was too late, and Ann too young, to have had these children. Wife can't be sons Wife Mary Ann Simmons. PROOF OF DEATH is the Reading of the Will 1855. Often confused with son John "Jack" Carney in other researchers work.

      Other Sources: Over 500 pages of Notes, Records and Files at the Carney DNA Project Jim Carney March 2010

  • Sources 
    1. [SAuth] Jim Carney, compiled by James H Carney [(E-ADDRESS), & MAILING ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], Minyama, Queensland 4575 AUSTRALIA.

    2. [S21] Doyle Baker Ancestors.ged.