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151 Sources: RC 144, 232; A. Roots 107; AF: Kraentzler 1063, 1175.
Roots: Milo, Sire of Courtenay. Born about 1075 or before, died 1127.
RC: Miles (Milo) de Courtenay, Sire de Courtenay. 
COURTENAY, Milo (Or Miles) De Sire, Courtenay (I6190)
152 Sources: RC 144, 232; A. Roots, 107; Kraentzler 1063, 1176; AF.
K: Ermengarde de Nevers and Auxerre.
RC: Ermengarde de Nevers, of Nevers, Nievre, France. Born about 1073,died
about 1095. Married Miles (Milo) de Courtney.
Roots: Ermengarde de Nevers, married about 1095 Milo, Sire ofCourtenay.
Born about 1075 or before, died before 1127. 
NEVERS, Ermengarde De (I6175)
153 Sources: RC 144; AF; Kraentzler 1063; A. Roots 107.
RC: Renaud de Courtenay, Sire de Courtenay. Exiled in 1150. Lost hislands in
France in 1161, but was of Sutton, Berkshire, in 1161.
Roots: Renaud de Courtenay, Sire de Courtenay, died 1161. Says RC iswrong
in putting this man in Berkshire and has him mixed up with anotherRenaud. See
Roots 107 and 138, 7th edition. AF: Died 1189/90. 
COURTENAY, Renaud (Reginald) Seigneur De Sire (I6198)
154 Sources: RC 144; Karentzler 1063, 1073, 1177; AF; Roots 107.
Occ, 1148-1155.
K: Hawise de Donjon, daughter of Frederic de Donjon and an unknownwife.
Roots: A daughter of Frederick (or Guy) du Donjon and Corbeil.
RC: Hedwig (Hawise) du Donjon, occ. 1148-1155, daughter of Frederickdu
Donjon of Yerre, S-O, France. Sire of the Donjon at Corbeil, 1138.
Donjon: A massive chief tower in ancient castles.
Dungeon: (1) Donjon; (2) a close dark prison or vault commonlyunderground. 
DU DON JON, Hawise (Or Hedwig) De (I6197)
155 Sources: RC 148; A. Roots; "Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Mother Queen" by Desmond Seward; Kraentzler 1069.
RC: Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil. Commanded the right wing for the French at Bouvines, on the Albigensian Crusade.
K: Guillaume III, Count de Ponthieu. 
DE MONTGOMERY, Count William Count, Ponthieu (I3913)
156 Sources: RC 148; Kraentzler 1069; A. Roots.
RC: Marie (Jeanne) de Pontheieuf, Countess of Ponthieu and Montreuil.
K: Maria, Countess de Ponthieu and Aumale. 
PONTHIEU, Countess Marie (Or Jeanne) De (I3916)
157 Sources: RC 163, 171, 172, 259, 302, 352, 328; Coe; Ancestral Roots140; AF.
Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. 
DE HESBANIA, Princess Ermengarde Empress, Hre (I11286)
158 Sources: RC 169, 171; Ancestral Roots 48; AF.
Nobleman of Istria. Majordomo of King Chlodwig II, 653. CountPalatine, 678.
Chancelor of King Chlothar III of Nuestraia. Birth date from AF. 
NEUSTRIA, Chrodobertus II (Or Robert) Of Majordomo (I5637)
159 Sources: RC 169; A. Roots 48; AF. Birth date from AF. POTIERS, Doda (I5643)
160 Sources: RC 169; Ancestral Roots 48; AF.
RC: Konrad I, Count in the Argengau and in the Linzgau. Count ofAuxerre, Lay
Abbot of St. Germain d'Auxerre.
Roots: Conrad I, Count of Aargau amd Aixerre. Died 863. 
AUXERRE, Conrad I (Konrad I) De Count (I11285)
161 Sources: RC 171, 185, 300; A. Roots; AF; Pfafman.
RC: Welf, Count in the Entgau, Bavaria and Swabia. Died 819.
Others: He was the Duke of Bavaria, Count of Andech and Count ofAltorf. 
BAVARIA, Duke Welf (Guelph) Of Count Of Bavaria (I9867)
162 Sources: RC 171, 214; Collins; AF; A. Roots 50.
RC: Bertha (Bertrada) "au Grand Pied" (Broad foot) of Laon, Aisne,
France. She was the Countess of Laon. Collins: Bertha of Laon.
Roots: Bertha, daughter of Count Canbert of Leon. 
LAON, Berthe (Bertrada) II "Broadfoot" Countess Of Laon (I5448)
163 Sources: RC 171, 260; AF; Kraentzler 1635; Collins; CarolingianAncestry.
RC: Ansguise (Ansegiesel), Duke or Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia of
Siegbert. Murdered 685.
K: Angsgisel, Majordomo d'Austrasia (incorrectly) titled "Heristal."
Murdered in 685.
Collins: Duke Ansgise (Anschises), Mayor of the Palace and Duke ofBrabant. (Brabant was in what is now Belgium).
Carolingian: Ansegesil, died 685, mayor of the palace to KingDagobert.
No wife listed. 
AUSTRASIA, Ansguise (Ansigise) Of Mayor Of The Palace Of Austrasia (I11265)
164 Sources: RC 171, 260; Kraentzler 1635; Collins; AF.
RC: St. Begga (Begue) of Landen, Liege, Belgium. Died 684 or 698.
K: Begga von Landen, died about 698. Collins: St. Begga. Died 694. 
LANDEN, St. Begga (Begue) Of (I11264)
165 Sources: RC 171, 300; AF; Pfafman.
AF and Pfafman have two birth dates: 757 and 780.
RC: Egilwich/Eigilwich, a Saxon. She became Abbess of Challes, nearParis,
SAXONY, Egilwich (Heilwig) Of Duchess Of Bavaria (I9866)
166 Sources: RC 171, 330; A. Roots 50; NEHGR, v99; Kraentzler 1547, 1634;AF.
Roots: Leutwinus (St. Lievin, Bishop of Treves, 685-704). (The AbbeChaume
makes him the father of Rotrou but cites no evidence.)
RC 171: St. Lievin (Leutwinus), Bishop Treves, 685-704. Died 713.
RC 330: Liutwin, Count and Bishop of Treves. Died ca 722; buried atMettlach.
K: Leutwinus, St. Liverin, Bishop of Trieves.
NEHGR: St. Lievin. 
TREVES, Leutwinis (Or St. Lievin) Of Bishop Of Treves (I5654)
167 Sources: RC 184, 235; AF, Norr and Pfafman.
Called Rosetta and Rosella as well as Rosela. 
ST. POL, Rosela De (I11293)
168 Sources: RC 184, 235; Kraentzler 1069, 1216; Pfafman.
RC: Count of St. Pol. Crusader, went on the First Crusade with Robertof
Normandy and distinguished himself at the seige of Antioch and Jerusalem.
K: Hugues II, Count de Saint-Paul. 
ST. POL, Hugh II De Count (I11095)
169 Sources: RC 184, 242; Kraentzler 1069; A. Roots.
Her first husband was Geoffrey de Mandeville, who died 21 Oct. 1166without
RC: Eustachie de Champagne. K: Eustache de Champagne. 
CHAMPAGNE, Eustachie De (I9839)
170 Sources: RC 184; Kraentzler 1069; Ancestral Roots.
RC: Anselme Candavene, Count of St. Pol. Living 1137/1175.
Roots: Anselme Candavaine, died 1164.
K: Anseleme "Champodavoine," Count de Saint-Paul (Pol). 
ST. POL, Anselme Candavene De Count Of St. Pol (I9840)
171 Sources: RC 185, 250, 269, 350; Kraentzler; A. Roots 191; NEHGR v99;AF.
Roots: Begue (Bogo), Count of Paris. Chamberlain of Louis ofAquitaine, 776.
Died 816. 
PARIS, Begue (Bego) Of Count Of Paris (I11251)
172 Sources: RC 185, 269, 272, 389, 404; Kraentzler 1458; Coe, NEHGR v99,AF and
A. Roots.
Gisela, Princess of France and of the West. 
FRANCE, Gisele Princess Of France (I5389)
173 Sources: RC 185, 269, 272, 404; Coe; Pfafman; A. Roots 192; Kraentzler1458;
Roots: Eberhard, Margrave of Friuli.
Margrave of Friuli. (NEHGR 99:243 chart). Also calledEverard/Eberhard.
From this couple descended the Margarves of Friuli.
RC: Marquis of Friuli. Grandson of Gerenger, an East Frank--possiblythe
Girard (RIN 3709) cited by Roots and NEHGR, Vol. 99. He wasgreat-grandson of
that man. No indication if this a maternal or paternal connection. 
DE FRIULI, Everhard (Or Eberhart) Of Count Of Friuli (I3650)
174 Sources: RC 185, 269, 404; A. Roots 191, 192; NEHGR v99.
Roots: Engeltron, daughter of Begue (Bogo), Count of Paris.
NEHGR v99 (1945) connects to Begue and Aupals by dotted line,indicating some
doubt re the connection. Married (2) Ouri II, Count in Allemania.
RC 185 and RC 404 say PROBABLY the daughter of Begue, but RC 269accepts
without question. 
DE PARIS, Engeltron (Engeltrude) (I9862)
175 Sources: RC 185, 269, 404; A. Roots 192.
Roots: Hunroch, Margrave of Friuli.
RC: Hunroch (or Unrouch), Margrave of Friuli and Count of Ternois.
Kraentzler 1458 calls him Berenger, Marquis in Gaul amd Marquis of the
Spanish Mark. 
FRIULI, Hunroch (Or Unrouch) Of Margrave, Friuli (I11222)
176 Sources: RC 198, 269, 332; Kraentzler 1458; Coe and A. Roots.
Margrave of Ivrea in Turin, Italy. 
IVREA, Adalbert I (Or Adelbert) Of Margrave (I25463)
177 Sources: RC 231; Coe; Ancestral Roots 50; Ancestral File; Pfafman;
Carolingian Ancestry.
Roots: Apparently had a natural son, Bernard, by a daughter of DukeBernard, younger brother of Pepin the Short. AF says this child was theson of Bertha of Toulouse.
Roots: Pepin was baptized in Rome by Pope Adrian I. He was consecratedKing of Lombardy 15 April 781 and was King of Italy from 781-810.

Carolingian: Pepin, King of Italy, died 810. No wife listed. 
LOMBARDY, King/ Pepin (Or Carloman) Of King Of Italy (I5432)
178 Sources: RC 232; A. Roots 107, AF; Kraentzler 1176.
Roots: Renaud II, Count of Nevers and Auxerre.
There are three Renauds, counts of Nevers, in the system but noconnections
between them. Could they run back from this count (b. 1047/1053), to asecond
(not in system) born about 1020/1025, to a third (wife born 1003) andthen a
fourth? The fourth is the son-in-law of Hugh Capet and the third theson-in-law
of Hugh Capet's son. 
NEVERS, Renaud II De Count (I11284)
179 Sources: RC 235; AF, Norr, Smallwood and Pfafman.
Norr: He was the 3rd Count of Guines. His three sons accompaniedWilliam the
Conqueror in 1066. One returned later to France.
RC does not call him Rudolph le Blount as do the others. RC says:Raoul
(Rodelphus), Count of Guisnes. 
GUISNES, Raoul (Or Rodelphus) Count Of Guisnes (I11294)
180 Sources: RC 239, 254, 256; Ancestral Roots 50; AF; Kraentzler 1176,1326.
Roots: Ermengarde. Herbert was her second husband.
RC: Second wife of Herbert III. Widow of Milo IV, Count of Tonnerre.
Heiress of Bar-sur-Seine, 992-1002.
K: Ermengarde de Bar, Heiress de Bar-sur-Seine. 
BAR, Ermengarde De Countess (I9845)
181 Sources: RC 25, 263, 302; Coe; A. Roots 140, 141B, 240; AF; Kraentzler1476.
Roots: Lothair I, King of Italy 817-855. Emperor of the West 840-855.
K: Lothar I de Lotharingia, King of Bavaria. 
WEST, Emperor Lothair I (Lothar) Of The Of The Holy Roman Empire (I9855)
182 Sources: RC 250, 269. 350; NEHGR v99, A. Roots 191; AF.
Roots: Natural daughter of Charlemagne. Also called Aupals.
An abbess of St. Peter's at Rheims. 
DE AQUITAINE, Aupais (Alpais) Of The Princess Of West (I11230)
183 Sources: RC 260, 269; NEHGR, V. 99; A. Roots 191; AF.
Roots: Carloman, Mayor of the Palace, died 754. Probably married adaughter
of Alard, brother of Garnier, ancestor of the Margraves of Spoleto.
RC: Carloman, Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia. Died a monk, 754, atMonte
Cassino, Monastery, Italy. Married a daughter of Alard. 
AUSTRASIA, Carloman Of Mayor Of Palace (I11244)
184 Sources: RC 262; A. Roots; AF; Kraentzler 1547.
RC: Emma (Imma) of Allemania. Birth date from AF.
F: Imma in Alamannia. 
ALLEMANIA, Emma (Imma) Of Duchess Of Swabia (I24488)
185 Sources: RC 262; Kraentzler 1547; Ancestral Roots.
RC: Hnabi "Dux," Duke of Allemania, Count in the Linzgau, 709. Occ720-724.
F: Nebi, Count im Linzgau, Duke of the Alemani of Alemania. 
ALAMANNIA, Hnabi "Dux" Of Duke Of Almannia (I6836)
186 Sources: RC 262; Kraentzler 1547; Ancestral Roots.
RC: Houching, Duke of Allemania. F: Houching, Duke von Alamania (sic). 
ALLEMANIA, Houching Of Duke (I9836)
187 Sources: RC 269, 332; Kraentzler 1458; Coe and A. Roots. Princess ofItaly. FRIULI, Gisela Of Princess, Italy (I25464)
188 Sources: RC 269; A. Roots 191; NEHGR, v99.
Roots: Count of Paris, 743-775. Possibly the Gerenger mentioned in RC185. 
PARIS, Girard Of Count Of Paris (I11255)
189 Sources: RC 269; A. Roots 191; NEHGR, v99.
Roots: Rotrude. 
AUSTRASIA, Rotrude (Rotrou) Of (I11250)
190 Sources: RC 269; Coe, A. Roots, AF; Kraentzler 1458; Pfafman.
Count of Ivrea and then King of Italy from January 888-924. Emperor ofthe
West, December 914-924. Marquis of Friuli. Murdered 7 April 924 inVerona,
Pfafman: King of Italy (Lombards) in 888. Crowned by Pope John X asEmperor
of the Holy Roman Empire, ruling from 915-924, last emperor of Italianline.
K: Marquis de Friaul, King of Italy, Emperor of Roman Empire. 
DE FRIULI, Berenger I Emperor Of Friaul (I2765)
191 Sources: RC 269; Coe; Kraentzler 1458; A. Roots.
K. calls her Berthila de Parma. 
SPOLETO, Bertilla Of (I25488)
192 Sources: RC 269; Kraentzler 1458..
RC: Maurin, Pfalzgrave; a Salic Frank who held lands in Parma, Reggioand
Piacenza, 835-844. K: Count Palatinate de Parma, Reggio and Piacenza. 
PARMA, Maurin Of Pfalzgrave (I9852)
193 Sources: RC 329; AF.
Another natural daughter?
Rc: Dhoude (Liegarde).
AF: Duodene. This source says daughter of Charlemagne.

Otherwise identified as Dhuoda of Gascony (d. 844), daughter of Sancho Loup of Gascony (d. 816) and wife _____ Galindez (possibly her first name) - per Bryant Smith Austin 12/98, reported to be based on recent Spanish genealogists' research.

WEST, Duodene Of The (I468)
194 Sources: RC 350; AF; NEHGR v99.
RC: Count of Paris. NEHGR: Everhard, "Master of the Jews." 
PARIS, Everhard (Eberhardus) Of Count Of Paris (I9861)
195 Sources: RC 43, 171, 185; Coe; Ancestral Roots 140; AF; Kraentzler1458;
Pfafman; Helm.
RC: Judith of Bavaria (of Altdorf). She was the second wife of Louis.
K: Judith Welf von Altorf.
Roots: Judith, daughter of Welf I, Duke of Bavaria. Helm: Judith,grandmother of Judith, wife of Ethelwulf. 
BAVARIA, Empress Judith The Fair Of Princess Of Bavaria (I11256)
196 Sources: RC 61, 232, 254; A. Roots 107; AF; Kraentzler 1176.
RC: Count of Auxerre, Nevers and Tonnerre. K: Died 26 June 1100.
Roots: William I, Count of Nevers. 
NEVERS, William I De Count Of Nevers (I9851)
197 Sources: RC 94; Kraentzler 1160, 1174, 1180, 1194, 1211.
RC: King of Lombardy and Joint-king of Italy, 950-961.
K: Albert, King de Lombardie and Italie. 
LOMBARDY, Adelbert II Of King Of Lombardy (I9856)
198 Sources: Smallwood, Norr and Pfafman.
He was "Dux Navium Militarium" to William the Conqueror. Sounds like
he may have been "the Admiral" instead of his brother, Robert. Youngestson of
BLOUNT, William I Le Sir (I11224)
199 Sources: Smallwood, Norr and Pfafman.
One of these sources has birth about 1073, which would be before hisfather. 
BLOUNT, William IV Le Sir (I11227)
200 Sources:Norr, AF and Pfafman.
Norr: Agnes de l'Isle (de Insula). Living 1198.
One AF record says her name was Agnes L'Lsle-Insula. 
L'ISLE, Agnes De (I11307)

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