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Matches 11751 to 11788 of 11788

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11751 see my # 785:
The book "THE PEYTONS OF VIRGINIA", 2004, volumes 1 and 2, by The Peyton Society of Virginia, is the source for much of the informatin on the family

She was born about 1616 in ?, , England, daughter of Sir William Yelverton, Baronet and Ursula Richardson.

About 1635 Elizabeth Yelverton married Thomas Peyton. They had at least 8 children:(785 vol 2:2)

.1 WILLIAM abt1636-?
.2 THOMAS 1637-1637
.3 THOMAS abt 1639-
.4 ROBERT, Major abt1640-aft1686---The Main Line 3154.0
.5 CHARLES abt1642-bef1721
.6 YELVERTON abt1645-aft1672
.7 ANN (PEYTON) WOOD abt1647-?
.8 BENJAMIN abt1650-?

They resided in Rougham, Norfolkshire, England. Rougham is located about 22 miles westnorthwest of Norwich. Thomas was Lord of Wicken and Rougham jure ux.(785 vol.2:2)

Elizabeth died on 3 June 1668 in Rougham where she is buried. Thomas died 12 October 1683 at ? and is buried in Bracon Ash Church in Humble Yard Hundred, Norfolkshire.(785 vol.2:2) Bracon Ash is a small village located about 7 miles southsouthwest of Norwich.

You are welcome to use this information. Please give credit where credit is due. 
11752 Ancestral File Number: 9T2T-82 Ursula YELVERTON
11753 Ancestral File Number: V9GW-RM Ursula YELVERTON
11754 (30-1631) William YELVERTON, Bt.
11755 Ancestral File Number: 9T2T-4C William YELVERTON, Bt.
11756 Ancestral File Number: 9T2T-7V William YELVERTON
11757 [Knowlton.ged]


Scott Doty gedcom 
11758 Source: Ygerna Verch Amlawdd YGRAINE
11759 a great warrior, like his brother Eric, and they bided their time in their warships during the reign of the usurper, Hake, who'd killed their cousin Hugleik, event ·became more celebrated by this deed, he and his brother, this killing of King Gudlog from Halogaland, and they appeared to be much greater men than before, and they steered for home, Sweden, and gathered together a strong force, for as soon as the Swedes heard that the Yngling brothers were come to them, they flocked to them in multitudes † death ·Though ruler of a country; he was often in the summer out on war expeditions. One summer he went with his forces to Denmark; and having plundered all around in Jutland, he went into Lymfjord in autumn, and marauded there also. While he was thus lying in Oddesund with his people, King Gylog of Halogaland, a son of King Gudlog, of whom mention is made before, came up with a great force, and gave battle to Jorund. When the country people saw this they swarmed from all parts towards the battle, in great ships and small; and Jorund was overpowered by the multitude, and his ships cleared of their men. He sprang overboard, but was made prisoner and carried to the land. Gylog ordered a gallows to be erected, led Jorund to it, and had him hanged there. So ended his life. Thjodolf talks of this event thus: -- "Jorund has travelled far and wide, But the same horse he must bestride On which he made brave Gudlog ride. He too must for a necklace wear Hagbert's fell noose in middle air. The army leader thus must ride On Horva's horse, at Lymfjord's side." event ·recovered the lands of his father from Hake, the usurper King Jorund YNGVESSON, Of Upsalla
11760 He was attending a great feast hosted by his friend, Frode of Leidre, at the latter's hall in Sealand. In this large house there was a vessel many ells high. This vessel stood in a lower room, and from above it, in a hole in the floor of the loft, one poured the mead, exceedingly strong. "In the evening Fjolne, with his attendants, was taken into the adjoining loft to sleep. In the night he went out to the gallery to seek a certain place, and he was very sleepy and exceedingly drunk. As he came back to his room he went along the gallery to the door of another left, went into it, and his foot slipping, he fell into the vessel of mead and was drowned." So says Thjodolf of Kvine: "In Frode's hall the fearful word, The death-foreboding sound was heard: The cry of fey denouncing doom, Was heard at night in Frode's home. And when brave Frode came, he found Swithiod's dark chief, Fjolne, drowned. In Frode's mansion drowned was he, Drowned in a waveless, windless sea." King Fjolnir YNGVI-FREYSSON
11761 All of the following information came from Jane Williams Flank, World Connect db=jwflank,


Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales; Dr Thomas Nicholas {1875}, p. II:208.

Ancestors of Evelyn Wood Keeler; Josephine C Frost {1939}, p. 425
Note: Cites as references for Welsh lineages: Royal Families of England, Scotland, Wales: Volume I & 2; Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns of the World; Maunder's Biographical Treasures; Universial Biography; etc.

The Mathew Mathes Family in America, I C VanDeventer {1929}, Page: 13.

History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, John Burke {1834-1838}, III:387 
Morfudd Verch YNYR
11762 Lord of Hereford Tewdwr Ap YNYR, Lord Of Hereford
11763 Of, Denbighshire, Wales Tewdwr Ap YNYR, Lord Of Hereford
11764 Tudur Trefor; born c900; married Angharad, daughter of Hywell "Ddu" ("The Good"), King of Wales. [Burke's Peerage] Tewdwr Ap YNYR, Lord Of Hereford
11765 Heir to South Rheged Elidir (Elidyr) Ap Sandde King Of YNYS MANAW
11766 King of Ynys Manaw (Isle of Man) Elidir (Elidyr) Ap Sandde King Of YNYS MANAW
11767 Source: Elidir (Elidyr) Ap Sandde King Of YNYS MANAW
11768 Heir to South Rheged Sandde Ap Alcun King Of YNYS MANAW
11769 King of Ynys Manaw (Isle of Man) Sandde Ap Alcun King Of YNYS MANAW
11770 Sandde was the 3rd great grandson of King Llywarch Hen and heir to his lost Kingdom of South Rheged. It was Sandde who transferred his family from Powys to Ynys Manaw (Isle of Man) when he married, Celemion, sister and heiress of its King, Iudgual, in the mid-8th century. He soon became King of the island in right of his wife and was later succeeded by their son, Elidyr.

Sandde Ap Alcun King Of YNYS MANAW
11771 Source: Gwair Ap Pill Of YNYS MON
11772 King of Ysfeilion (Ynys Mon), now Anglesey, Wales Ysfael Gwron "Hero" Ap Cunedda King YNYS MON
11773 Ysfael Gwron, King of Ysfeilion
(Born. c.AD 430)
(Latin: Ismaglus; English: Osbald)
Ysfael was one of the many sons of Cunedda Wledig, amongst whom his kingdom was eventually divided. He inherited the only portion of Ynys Mon (Anglesey) conquered by Cunedda's family, the eastern horn around Beaumaris. The name of his kingdom was long retained in Maes Osmeliaun, now known as Llanfaes. It was a dangerous border region, for the Irish controlled the rest of the Island; but Ysfael appears to have upheld the British foothold with some success. It was suggested by Owen Rhoscomyl that he should probably be identified with Cunedda's son, Gwron - an epithet meaning 'Hero'. He only appears in late lists of Cunedda's sons, and his own sons, Meilir Meilirion, Cynyr and Yneigr, were certainly active on Ynys Mon (Anglesey).

Ysfael Gwron "Hero" Ap Cunedda King YNYS MON
11774 William Yonge, Gent. of Caynton in Edgmont, Tibberton, etc. co. Salop, son of John Yonge, of Caynton (of Magna Charta Surety descent), by his wife Maud Bull, of Staffordshire. He had been married previously to Anne Sneyd (died before 1579). William Yonge, Gent., died in December 1583. [Plantagenet Ancestry] William YONGE, Of Caynton, Gent
11775 BIOGRAPHY: Resided in Philadelphia, PA Clara YOUNG
11776 CONFLICT: Could Charity be the sister to Nathaniels 2nd wife Sarah? Charity ZEBULON
11777 BIOGRAPHY: Point of interest, could Sarah be a sister to 1st wife Charity? Sarah ZEBULON
11778 This is a work of love of my family and my husband's family. I appreciate all of the help I have gotten over the years for everyone. I know there will be mistakes. If you see one, please notify me and I will correct it. Docey Isabel ZIGLAR
11779 From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. Juliana ZIMMERMAN
11780 MARRIAGE: 1289, neither being over 8 years of age. Eva La ZOUCHE
11781 "Armigerous" (ahr-MIJ-ehr-us) adjective

Bearing or entitled to bear heraldic arms.

The reason the notion of a family crest was brought into the language was that those who were armigerous (entitled to bear arms) used to put their crest or achievement (the full coat of arms) on their carriage, silver, etc. The stationers thought this an excellent way to sell more stationary and, in Victorian times, encouraged everybody, whether armigerous or not, to buy stationary with their "family crest" on it. There was no such thing of course and they used to sell it (and some still do) on the basis that "someone in your family or someone having the same surname as you was once granted this crest - as part of their achievement. Thereby they sold more stationery. And engravers flourished. The Heralds, meanwhile, lost a bit of business as their services (awarding coats with variations because no two people can have the same coat) were less sought after.

The Shields used are family Logos, each individual with armigerous rights had individual full coats of arms to reflect their personal achievements. 
Source: "Héraldique européenne"
11782 Michael T. Hurdle
127 Pin Oak Drive
Hendersonville, TN 37075-3812
Source: 258611.ged
11783 CS71.H869 1871 Source: A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight Famil ies
11784 Jill E. McLeester
PO Box 216
Spokane, MO 65754
Source: Hoyt99.ged
11785 Reprinted with new supplement, appendices and index under t he sponsorship of The Keeler Tavern Preservation Society, I nc. Source: Keeler Family. Ralph Keeler of Norwalk, CT, and Some of Hi s Descendants
11786 Jill E. McLeester
PO Box 216
Spokane, MO 65754
Source: Pumpkin Roots
11787 Alan W. Smith
17 Grumman Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06851-2503 
Source: Smith and LeBlanc Connections
11788 Tonya Mauldin
8600 Washington Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22309 
Source: Townsley.ged

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