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Next picking season workers needed:

end of June thru  Sept. 2020


Our New South Wales avocado orchard near Kyogle not far from Byron Bay, Casino and Lismore

Farm Address:  702 Green Pigeon Road, Green Pigeon, NSW 2474


1) Australian Citizen or Valid Work Visa valid through at least September
2) Strong Work Ethic, fit and able to work picking avocados with no limitations on your ability to handle this work.
3) Able to drive - you will be driving a tractor or ute
4) Able to operate a vehicle with a trailer loaded with fruit
5) Have your own transportation to come to work and to shop nearby in Kyogle
Additional aspects that will favour your application - Call these out on your application or cover sheet if they apply:

1) Have experience in last 1 year on farms, picking or packing fruit
2) Have forklift experience, and if licensed - in what state?
3) Have experience in avocado, mango, citrus or other tree crops of height
4) Experience in Elevated Work Platform (cherry picker) and how long?
5) Have own accommodation; van, car topper, caravan, local, rental, etc
6) Have no problem working at height (no ladders involved)
Picking avocados in a 38hour workweek, in fair weather (we do not pick if more than 5mm of rain).  Driving your pick to the despatch shed for transport to a packing shed.  Most employees will need to work on a cherry picker machine.  Getting along with your team members and manager.  Other farm duties may include; such as pruning, irrigation management, cleaning, maintenance, slashing, etc.
  • We pay hourly at a starting rate of $24.36 to start
  • When comfortable on a cherry picker machine $25.08 (after two weeks usually)
  • When proficient on a cherry picker machine a further raise will apply as your volume increases.
Additional Requirements:
We are required to verify your Covid19 status by asking several questions, as can be seen at: http://www.avocadoridge.com/Covid.docx
When clicked - this will download file to your computer

These will be needed to be answered IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED for the position, and if coming to the area, you may be required by health authorities to quarantine for 14 days PRIOR to starting work, or provide appropriate history of quarantine served.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to download the pdf to be completed and emailed back to lois@avocadoridge.com by the 7th of June, 2020 (note, this link will not be available until 1 June, 2020)

DO NOT APPLY unless available and able to commit and willing to take the job with the description of the work as outlined on this page.  We do not take groups of more than 2 persons.

For those accepted, we will notify you by the 10th of June that you have been accepted to work on our farm, subject to quarantine and an interview onsite in the next 14days.

You will be provided with a written acceptance letter that you may need to show to authorities at border crossings, etc that you are traveling as an Agricultural Worker in the capacity of an Essential Worker.

We are located near Kyogle, not far from Casino and Lismore in New South Wales.  See Google link for map:
Green Pigeon Avocado Orchard; 702 Green Pigeon Road, Kyogle, NSW
In general, accommodation cannot be expected for Casual Workers on our farm.  For highly experienced workers we may provide accommodation in the farm house or onsite caravan, but there is not usually room for all.
If you have your own accommodation then your application may be more favorably looked at especially if you have less experience picking tree crops or working in a cherry picker machine.
If accommodation is provided onsite, it is provided at no cost, under your obligation to maintain in an acceptable manner to us, and if not kept to our standard, or damage occurs, that privilege may be revoked.
ONSITE ON-FARM CAMPING is available with power and water in limited supply.

Senior Farm Management:
Ashley Rorich - Farm Manager
Ashley has a passion for agriculture and achieving results while developing a dynamic and multi-skilled work team.  Ashley has been at Green Pigeon Orchard for over 5 years and oversees the operational aspects of the NSW Orchard at Green Pigeon, near Kyogle.

Sean Carney - Chief Operational Officer (COO)
With Freshcare quality and food safety certifications, Sean ensures all aspects of fruit growing, quality and standards have been met or exceeded.  Onsite support and logistics is provided for fruit growing, farm operations, staff support and fruit picking with his current and previous experience in large orchard and packing shed management.

Jim Carney - Horticultural Production Manager, Director, CEO, General Manager,
From the start of his avocado production on his orchard in Western Australia over 30 years ago, Jim has grown avocados in all kinds of climates and conditions.  Jim has established many orchards from the ground up and consults for other growers in agribusiness to achieve maximum yields and healthy trees that are sustainably managed. 
Jim    Avocados

ABN 60 617 493 464
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Office: 1 Minyama Island, Minyama, QLD 4575