Jim and Lois Carney ...
Started growing avocados in Western Australia in 1984.  We have five farms in Queensland, growing primarily avocados.  Our home farm is Avocado Ridge established in 2004 with 11,500 avocado trees in Childers, and we also have four other orchards with another 22,500 avocado trees and just planting 10,000 macadamia trees.   Our nearby packing shed in Childers (SuperPak), is operated with our son Eric and packs for 20 avocado and stone fruit growers www.superpak.net.au.   We also operate Prime Orchards agribusiness services providing consultation, management, picking and other services to growers www.primeorchards.com.au. Click for Avocado Pickers Guide training video.

On the farm at Avocado Ridge


"Live your life as an Adventure!"

Our Australia Farm, Avocado Ridge; Childers, Qld 

Eric & Abby's family page  

                    Ridge 2012
Front yard of house from cherry picker in orchard

Our family Tree


                    for Family Tree

Welcome to the Carney Family 
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Our Farm Training Video - Avocado Pickers Guide

HillCrest  Avocado Ridge  Summit 

Jim and Lois Carney
35 Morrisons Road
Childers, Queensland  4660

CURRENT NOTICES: Employment is currently all filled - no further workers needed until March 2015

LINK:  Where is the best place to pack?  SuperPak - Come and join the SuperPak Grower Network

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